Ian Caddy is one of the principal European directors of Baroque Staging, Baroque Acting and Baroque Gesture - probably the foremost, in all-round experience of baroque opera, and adhering more strictly to the original style.

He was introduced to Baroque Acting by the world authority, the late Prof. Dene Barnett.

The old tradition of staging, and the rules of body language and gesture are known by only a few specialists at present. Someone who can produce baroque operas (and sing them) and baroque drama, in the style appropriate to the original performances, is Ian Caddy. In this highly specialised field, Ian Caddy is the leading authority in the U.K. and one of very few world specialists.

In addition to acting purely as a director, Ian Caddy is in the position to be able to draw together a production team (conductor, designer, costume coordinator, lighting designer, stage management, with himself directing) to produce a fully staged baroque performance.

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